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Sustainability at Revive: A Journey Toward Greater Impact Laila Debruyne, community manager at Revive speaks: “At Revive, we understand that true sustainability transcends environmental stewardship and deeply involves social responsibility. But like many organizations, we initially grappled with the complexities of effectively reporting on social sustainability. It’s a challenge that companies universally confront, as social […]

Thomas More students assess social sustainability in Geel.

Meeting ven The Cornerstone met studenten van Thomas more om de sociale impact te meten.

In an innovative collaboration, students from Thomas More University of Applied Sciences were invited to assess the social sustainability of a new school constructed by the city of Geel. This initiative provided students with a hands-on learning experience and yielded valuable insights into the impact of urban development projects on the community. The students embarked […]

How Measuring Social Sustainability Strengthens FIX’s HR Policy

Sociale duurzaamheid bij fix

Driving Change: FIX’s Proactive Journey towards Social Sustainability “The Cornerstone provided FIX with a shared vision to strengthen our most valuable asset – our people – and align business needs effectively with actions and outcomes.” – Eva De Smedt, CEO FIX Social impact lies at the heart of FIX’s corporate vision and mission. Renowned for […]

Triginta’s vision on social sustainability with The Cornerstone.

Triginta KLooster, sociale duurzaamheids meting met The Cornerstone.

Triginta has always had a strong commitment to social sustainability. However, we wanted to delve deeper and discover new ways to integrate this commitment into all our work. The Cornerstone played a crucial role in this by showing us a clear path forward. Our collaboration started with an inspiring workshop, where stakeholders from different parts […]