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Unlock the Power of Social Impact: Building inclusive communities where everyone can live their best life. Empowering businesses to lead the way, while measuring their social footprint.

See how your company is performing on the social level with our quickscan. 

Sociale duurzaamheid in de bouwsector , we kunnen jullie helpen , contracten, surveys en policies
For whom

Game changers who want to create people-first places, built by thriving people

High on ambition to humanise their business. Faced with many hurdles along the way: new ESG disclosure obligations, demanding investors, a scarce workforce & a billion stakeholders to manage.

Our impact

/ Elevate your impact with us

As game changers striving to humanize businesses and build people-first places, we understand the hurdles that lie along the path. But don’t worry, we’re your ally, empowering you to elevate your brand image, fund your initiatives, and lead your social impact efforts while navigating these challenges with ease.


Attract impact investors

Fund your people-first plans with The Cornerstone’s impact intelligence & our actionable roadmaps.


Lead with transparency

Demonstrate your mastery with our certificates & get compliant reports whenever you need them.

Build trust

Elevate your image

Gain a competitive edge by strategically leading and showcasing your social impact

Our expertise

/ 4 social impact areas

For ambitious game changers eager to create people-first places, populated by thriving individuals. Our social experts are here to bolster your performance in four key areas – workers, partners, residents, and neighbours.

Your efforts to foster a great and safe workplace where people will go the extra mile for your business

How you build long term partnerships & manage risks of social injustice in your value chain.

How your company builds communities & engages those affected by the construction works.

Your contribution to build affordable spaces that enhance human health & wellbeing.

Our approach

/ We elevate your impact in 3 steps


We assess your social impact, give you the full picture & spot opportunities.


Social reporting

We showcase your sustainable practices, meet regulatory requirements and ensure compliance with CSRD and ESRS while also considering CSDD.



We create actionable roadmaps, implement them collaboratively, and monitor your progress, guaranteeing tangible impact.

Our solution

/ We offer comprehensive social impact solutions.

Quick scan

We perform a maturity assessment evaluate your level of readiness to master social footprint. You will get a first insight on your potential risks and opportunities to improve your impact.

Full scan

We realise a complete and comprehensive organisational social impact assessment, whilst developing a tailormade measurement framework.

Measurement & Monitoring

We perform the necessary measurements to calculate your social footprint, creating readiness to report and provide a roadmap to monitor.

Improvement tracks

We propose strategic improvement tracks for your social footprint enhancement and assure implementation.

Working together to shape a future for all.

The Cornerstone is a powerful combination of social experts and data

The Cornerstone is a movement of change makers. We’re here to help businesses lead the way towards more social impact.

We’re experts in the human aspect of sustainability, rooted in science, tested for action. Domain experts, knowing the building industry inside out. Passionate about being part of the solution. Driven by powerful technology, we accelerate your journey. From understanding your social impact today to taking action.

Maximising Social Impact: Exploring the synergy of expertise and technology

We believe that your company performs, when your people do. We believe that places thrive when their residents do. That’s why we unify the best social experts, tech & data &  to level-up your impact on people.

Creating places where everyone can live their best life.
Expert in social sustainability and the building industry

Katrien Van Rompay

Empowering Social Impact
and Sustainability

With expertise in project management and a focus on social sustainability, fair working conditions, stakeholder engagement, and human rights, she supports organisations in measuring and improving their social footprint.

Alternatief voor het rapporteren van sociale duurzaamheid. Niet ales moet met de computer, wij helpen zelf.

Sebastian Van Dingenen

Driving Social Impact through
Data-Driven Tools.

With a focus on combining social expertise and technology, Sebastian builds powerful, data-driven tools that measure and enhance your organisation’s social footprint.

We are experts in social sustainability, let us help you

Lise Bouttery

Building Thriving,
People-First Companies.

With a focus on sustainable HR practices, Lise prioritizes employee well-being, recognizing that people-first companies are the foundation for long-term success and resilience.

Sociale duurzaamheid is waar the cornerstone in gespecialiseerd is

Hilde De Decker

Inspiring Performance and People-Centric Change.

With expertise in organisational dynamics, leadership, and change management, Hilde challenges organisations to elevate their performance by prioritising their most valuable asset – the people.

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