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Game-changers empowering social sustainability by combining expertise and data

/ We believe organizations thrive when people do

We believe organizations flourish when every stakeholder does. That’s why we bring together top experts, technology, and data to support organizations in creating a socially sustainable environment where all stakeholders can live their best life.

By developing science-based solutions tailored to your organization – we accelerate your journey from understanding your current social impact to implementing forward-thinking actions that significantly enhance your market value.

Meet the founders

/ Pioneers through and through

Katrien Van Rompay

Empowering Social Impact
and Sustainability.

Katrien Van Rompay is the founder of The Cornerstone and an expert in social sustainability. With her extensive experience, she assists companies in developing and implementing sustainable strategies that are both socially responsible and economically viable. Her profound knowledge and passion for sustainable development enable The Cornerstone’s clients to increase their impact on society while achieving their business objectives. Katrien’s innovative approach and dedication make her an invaluable partner for organizations striving towards a sustainable future.

Sebastian Van Dingenen

Driving Social Impact through
Data-Driven Tools.

Sebastian Van Dingenen is a versatile professional at The Cornerstone, with extensive experience as an IT administrator and data engineer. He plays a crucial role in supporting and expanding The Cornerstone’s tools, enabling businesses to accelerate their digital transformation. His technical expertise and innovative solutions help organizations optimize their data management and implement efficient, scalable systems. Sebastian’s dedication to technology and data-driven decisions makes him an indispensable asset to the success of The Cornerstone’s clients.

Lise Bouttery

Building Thriving,
People-First Companies.

Lise Bouttery is the co-founder of The Cornerstone and a passionate Sustainable HR Expert. With over 10 years of experience in tech start-ups and scale-ups, she focuses on enhancing business outcomes through HR and social sustainability standards. Lise provides clear, actionable insights for ESG reporting and helps companies transform complex data into compelling reports. Her expertise in sustainable HR practices enables organizations to enhance their reputation, attract top talent, and foster a culture of sustainability.

Hilde De Decker

Inspiring Performance and People-Centric Change.

Hilde De Decker inspires change with a strong focus on people. With extensive expertise in business dynamics, leadership, and change management, she challenges organizations to enhance their performance by prioritizing their most valuable asset – people. As a serial entrepreneur, Hilde understands the challenges of entrepreneurship and business operations. Her unique experience and insights make her an invaluable partner for companies aiming for sustainable growth and improved performance.

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How we impact your business​

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Today’s dynamic business environment does not allow you to solely focus on profit anymore. Not only are your end-users becoming more and more discerning – your employees and the community around you are raising more questions about your social policies as well. Furthermore, the need for accountability within a legal context is increasing.

As pioneers in humanizing businesses and fostering People-first environments – we  understand the challenges your organization faces today like no other. That’s why we are here to help you meet these evolving expectations. Our data-driven, research-focused approach enables companies to embrace social sustainability and thereby generate enduring long-term business value.

Working on social sustainability means managing your organization's impact on all stakeholders.


Attract the right (impact) investors​

Finance your People-first plans with The Cornerstone’s impact intelligence and practical step-by-step plans, and attract the investors you need. 


Take the lead by being transparant​

Stay ahead of the increasing market demand for social sustainability with our proven strategies and stay ahead of the increasing call for accountability.


Strengthen your image

Two birds in one stone! Enhance your reputation to the outside world and your end-users whilst attracting and retaining top talent within your company.

Our social sustainability solutions benefit everyone involved with your business​

/ Organisations thrive when the people do​

Your efforts to foster a great and safe workplace where people will go the extra mile for your business.

How you build long term partnerships & manage risks of social injustice in your value chain.

How your company affects communities and engages with them.

The people whose lives you want to better by offering your product.