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A meeting with The Cornerstone and students from Thomas More to measure social impact.
Sociale Impact

In an innovative collaboration, students from Thomas More University of Applied Sciences were invited to assess the social sustainability of a new school constructed by the city of Geel. This initiative provided students with a hands-on learning experience and yielded valuable insights into the impact of urban development projects on the community.

The students embarked on a mission to understand the school’s impact on its surroundings. They conducted interviews with local residents to gauge the effectiveness of communication between the city and the community. From these discussions, it became evident that while the school was a welcome addition, there were opportunities to enhance dialogue and engagement with the residents.

Additionally, the students engaged in discussions with construction site workers to gather their perspectives on working conditions and social considerations observed during the construction process. These firsthand accounts were crucial in painting a comprehensive picture of the project’s social impact.

Inspired by their findings, the students devised a platform that could assist companies in measuring and enhancing their social impact. The result is, a website dedicated to providing tools and resources for organizations aiming to assess and strengthen their positive social footprint. aims to provide businesses with practical tools to evaluate their projects, ensuring that social sustainability is not an afterthought but a fundamental part of their planning and development processes.

We invite businesses and individuals to explore and join us in our commitment to advancing socially sustainable communities through thoughtful construction and inclusive practices.

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