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Sustainability at Revive: A Journey Toward Greater Impact

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Laila Debruyne, community manager at Revive speaks:

“At Revive, we understand that true sustainability transcends environmental stewardship and deeply involves social responsibility. But like many organizations, we initially grappled with the complexities of effectively reporting on social sustainability. It’s a challenge that companies universally confront, as social metrics can be less tangible and more intricate to quantify.

Recognizing the importance of transparency and accountability in our social initiatives, we sought the expertise of The Cornerstone. Renowned for their strategic acumen in sustainability, The Cornerstone guided us through an enlightening journey to refine our social impact.

The journey began with a series of candid interviews with a wide array of stakeholders—both internal and external. We engaged with investors, contractors, residents, local community members, and municipal representatives. These conversations were crucial; they allowed us to gauge perceptions of Revive’s social impact, to understand the nuances of our strengths, and to pinpoint opportunities for meaningful improvement.

This comprehensive stakeholder engagement illuminated the areas where Revive was performing well and cast light on pathways for potential enhancement. It also sparked ideas for innovative practices that could further solidify our commitment to the social aspects of sustainability.

With this newfound clarity and The Cornerstone’s strategic partnership, we crafted a forward-thinking strategy aimed at bolstering our social impact. This strategy not only reflects our unwavering commitment to social responsibility but also serves as a guiding framework for our actions moving forward.

Revive is dedicated to not just building structures but also nurturing communities and fostering inclusive growth. We are on a mission to integrate social sustainability into every facet of our operations, ensuring that our work benefits not just the present but also shapes a compassionate and equitable future.

Join us on this path of discovery and commitment. Together with The Cornerstone, Revive is setting new standards for social sustainability reporting — because we believe in the power of business to effect positive social change.”

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Sebastian CTO, CFO
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