The Cornerstone

Start strong, stay socially sustainable​

/ Empower your impact, start the change​

Achieving social sustainability doesn’t have to be hard. As a matter of fact, it can be done in a few steps only.

We offer comprehensive support, including policy guidance, GAP analyses, and expert-led trainings that equip you and your team—from new employees to managers and even stakeholders – with the tools to implement and maintain effective social sustainability measures. Let us make this start to your social sustainability journey straightforward and impactful.

Social Hotspot Mapping

/ See where your impact lies

Social hotspot mapping is a powerful tool used to identify and address areas where business operations may have significant social impacts. This method highlights potential risks and opportunities related to labor conditions, human rights, community health, and other critical social factors throughout the supply chain.

Social Safeguard Policies

/ What policies can you integrate?

Discover how The Cornerstone can assist you in implementing robust Social Safeguard Policies in your business. We provide tailored guidance and frameworks to ensure your business operates ethically and responsibly, fostering fairness and trust within your community and beyond. 

Gap analysis

/ Where lies the gap between your current situation and your goals?

Benefit from The Cornerstone’s Gap Analysis service to bridge the distance between your current practices and your ideal sustainability goals. Our thorough assessment identifies key areas for improvement, guiding you with actionable insights to enhance your social and environmental impact. Gain clarity on where you stand and how to progress towards a more sustainable future effectively and efficiently.


/ Become an expert

Explore our comprehensive training programs on social sustainability, designed to empower your team with practical knowledge and skills. From ensuring alignment with policies and measurements to understanding their significance and real-life implementation, our expert-led sessions cover every aspect. Learn how data can drive informed decision-making and gain proficiency in interpreting and utilizing data effectively. Let us equip your workforce to champion sustainability with confidence and impact.

Our approach: no-nonsense and based on data & facts​

/ Leading businesses towards tangible change ​

Creating a socially sustainable company doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. At The Cornerstone, we believe in starting with a neutral impact and building from there. Our solutions actively respond to your business needs, and are always rooted in data and facts.

Our social sustainability solutions benefit everyone involved with your business​

/ Organisations thrive when the people do​

Your efforts to foster a great and safe workplace where people will go the extra mile for your business.

How you build long term partnerships & manage risks of social injustice in your value chain.

How your company affects communities and engages with them.

The people whose lives you want to better by offering your product.