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Driving Change: FIX’s Proactive Journey towards Social Sustainability

Social Sustainability at FIX
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“The Cornerstone provided FIX with a shared vision to strengthen our most valuable asset – our people – and align business needs effectively with actions and outcomes.” – Eva De Smedt, CEO FIX

Social impact lies at the heart of FIX’s corporate vision and mission. Renowned for improving the lives of low-skilled individuals in Brussels, FIX’s commitment to social sustainability begins with its staff.

1) FIX’s dynamic strategy in personnel figures

FIX aligned its personnel policy with their growth ambitions.

Recruitment, talent development, and retention were structured with measurable goals. In collaboration with The Cornerstone, FIX can now:

2) Building a robust framework for social sustainability

Proactively structured around a robust framework for social sustainability, FIX positions itself as a pioneer in developing a socially sustainable corporate strategy for employees. Key outcomes:

“We received an analysis of our HR policies, processes, and reports that immediately aligns with ESG standards. An additional dimension typically not addressed by HR consultants. The Cornerstone assisted FIX in mapping everything out. This project for measuring social sustainability compelled us to both reflect on past practices and move forward.” – Hilde Van Wassenhove, HR Manager at FIX

3) Measurable success in social impact

The Cornerstone brought transparency and insight into FIX’s personnel policy. Data analysis revealed strengths and areas for improvement:

4) Conclusion: Guidelines for sustainable HR practices

FIX’s proactive approach enhanced operational effectiveness within their HR policy. Social impact and business success go hand in hand, resulting in measurable outcomes that are now better monitored.

With the right strategies, targeted actions, and partners, any organization can improve its social footprint and align its HR policy with both its people and the organization.

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