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Triginta’s Social Sustainability Vision with The Cornerstone

Triginta KLooster, sociale duurzaamheids meting met The Cornerstone.

Triginta has always been driven by a commitment to social sustainability, but we were eager to delve deeper and discover new ways to integrate this commitment into every aspect of our work. That’s where The Cornerstone stepped in, shining a light on the path forward. 

Our collaboration began with an insightful workshop where stakeholders from various facets of our operations came together to share their experiences and perspectives. The Cornerstone facilitated this session with skill, paving the way for a comprehensive framework that would guide Triginta’s strategy for our social sustainability trajectory.

One of the immediate solutions identified was an innovative contract developed by The Cornerstone. This contract, when signed by our subcontractors, ensures that they uphold our standards for social sustainability. It’s a quick win that aligns our entire supply chain with our core values.

But we didn’t stop there. We initiated a series of conversations — asking pointed questions to workers on our construction sites, residents living near our projects, our partners, and even individuals residing in our completed developments. This direct engagement has been instrumental in gathering authentic data and gaining a real-time understanding of the social impact of our building sites.

In reviewing these policies and listening to the voices of our community, we’ve identified significant opportunities where Triginta can not only participate but lead in writing the narrative for social sustainability within the industry.

Triginta is not just constructing buildings; we’re building a legacy of positive social impact. With The Cornerstone’s expertise and a strategy rooted in real-world insights, we’re forging a future where every project we undertake contributes constructively to the social fabric of the communities we serve.

Join us as we continue to explore and expand our social sustainability initiatives. Together with The Cornerstone, we are committed to creating spaces that resonate with care, community, and long-term well-being.


How Measuring Social Sustainability Strengthens HR Policy 

Sociale duurzaamheid bij fix

Promoting Change: FIX’s Proactive Journey towards Social Sustainability 

“The Cornerstone gave FIX a common language to address our most important asset – our people – to align management and business needs with directly effective actions and results.” – Eva De Smedt, CEO FIX 

Social impact is at the core of FIX’s business vision and mission. Known for improving the lives of low-skilled workers in Brussels, FIX’s commitment to social sustainability starts with its own workforce. 

1) FIX’s Dynamic Strategy Translated into Employee Metrics

Recruitment, talent development and retention were structured into a reporting system linked to measurable objectives. Thanks to the collaboration with The Cornerstone, FIX can now operate transparently and purposefully to: 

  • Attract talent with the right competencies; 
  • Improve employee well-being and safety; 
  • Strengthen and safeguard diversity and inclusion within the corporate culture.

2) Building a Robust Framework for Social Sustainability

Despite not being mandated by ESRS regulations, FIX proactively structured HR processes around a robust social sustainability framework. This framework not only meets current ESG standards but also positions FIX as a pioneer in developing a socially sustainable business strategy for its employees. Key outcomes included: 

  • Implementation of HR processes that not only comply with but also set benchmarks for best practices. 
  • A systematic approach to managing workforce dynamics to maximize the potential of both employees and the organization. 

 “We got an analysis of HR policies, processes, and reporting that is immediately ESRS (ESG) proof. An additional dimension not typically addressed by HR consultants. Even the data retrieval alone was enlightening for our organization. What data, why, in what manner… The Cornerstone helped FIX map everything out. This Social Sustainability Measurement Project forced us to look backward and take steps forward.” – Hilde Van Wassenhove, HR manager FIX 

 3) Measurable Success in Social Impact

The collaboration with The Cornerstone brought transparency and insight into FIX’s personnel policy. Through data and document analysis, FIX gained an understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement such as: 

  • A strong company vision and culture that can be better reflected in internal communications and processes; 
  • A recurring employee survey to foster internal feedback and culture; 
  • Talent management that structurally ensures equal opportunities for diverse employee groups and captures mutual feedback to secure individual and lifelong growth. 

4) Conclusion: Tools for Sustainable HR Practices 

FIX’s proactive approach has improved  operational effectiveness within their HR department. Social impact and business success go hand in hand, resulting in measurable results that FIX can now better monitor. 

With the right strategies, targeted actions and partners, any organization can expand its social footprint and contribute meaningfully to the well-being of all. Follow FIX to refine your HR policies to fit both your people- and organisation goals. 

Thomas More Students Evaluate Social Sustainability in Geel.

In an innovative collaboration, students from Thomas More University were invited to assess the social sustainability of a new school built by the city of Geel. This initiative offered a hands-on learning experience for the students and provided valuable insights into the community impact of urban development projects.

The students embarked on a mission to understand the school’s influence on its surroundings. They conducted interviews with local residents to gauge the effectiveness of communication between the city and the community. Through these discussions, the students identified that while the school was a welcome addition, there were opportunities to enhance dialogue and engagement with those in the vicinity.

Furthermore, the students engaged with workers on the construction site to gather their perspectives on the working conditions and the social considerations taken into account during the building process. These firsthand accounts were crucial in painting a comprehensive picture of the project’s social impact.

Inspired by their findings, the students envisioned a platform that could assist companies in measuring and improving their social impact. The result is, a website dedicated to providing tools and resources for organizations striving to assess and amplify their positive social footprint. aims to empower companies with practical tools to evaluate their projects, ensuring that social sustainability is not an afterthought but a fundamental component of their planning and development processes.

We invite companies and individuals alike to explore and join us in our commitment to fostering socially sustainable communities through mindful construction and inclusive practices.