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From social sustainability to social impact​

/ Social impact solutions for thriving companies​

Social sustainability provides foundational principles for businesses to create equitable environments. However, achieving meaningful social impact requires proactive steps beyond sustainability. It involves integrating social goals into core strategies, leveraging resources for positive change, and measuring outcomes for continuous improvement.

At The Cornerstone, we specialize in guiding businesses towards impactful actions that benefit communities and drive long-term change. 

Social impact strategy​

/ From goal to relevance

A tailor-made social impact strategy empowers your business to achieve meaningful social impact goals and become socially relevant. By identifying and addressing key societal challenges through strategic initiatives, your business can enhance its reputation and build stronger relationships with stakeholders.

Our customized approach ensures alignment with your values and objectives, guiding you to implement impactful social sustainability and social impact goals and programs that resonate with your community and stakeholders.

Through targeted strategies and actionable roadmaps, we help you measure and amplify your social footprint, demonstrating genuine commitment to social responsibility. This proactive stance not only enhances your brand’s reputation but also positions your business as a leader in creating positive social change.

Comprehensive roadmapping​

/ From strategy to actionable points

A comprehensive roadmap helps your business achieve its social impact goals and become socially relevant. While a strategy defines your globa goals and initiatives – a roadmap lays out the specific steps, timelines, and resources needed to reach those goals.

Our tailormade roadmapping process ensures you have a clear, actionable plan to enhance your social footprint, engaging all stakeholders effectively. By detailing each phase of implementation, from initial assessment to final outcomes, our roadmaps provide a structured path to success.

This approach not only aligns with your business values but also demonstrates a strong commitment to social responsibility, positioning your business as a leader in creating positive social change.


/ Create impact from within

By starting internally, you can implement sustainable improvements that have positive effects on your team and the broader community you serve. The HR Improvement Track empowers you to effectively lead your business with focused HR strategies and practices.

By enhancing HR processes and developing leadership skills within your team, you create an environment where your people can thrive and excel. This program helps you implement tangible changes that strengthen not only the company culture but also enhance the social impact of your business.

Our approach: no-nonsense and based on data & facts​

/ Leading businesses towards tangible change ​

Creating a socially sustainable company doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. At The Cornerstone, we believe in starting with a neutral impact and building from there. Our solutions actively respond to your business needs, and are always rooted in data and facts.

Our social sustainability solutions benefit everyone involved with your business​

/ Organisations thrive when the people do​

Your efforts to foster a great and safe workplace where people will go the extra mile for your business.

How you build long term partnerships & manage risks of social injustice in your value chain.

How your company affects communities and engages with them.

The people whose lives you want to better by offering your product.